GlamGlow Power Rangers Rita Repulsa GravityMud Firming Mask

Welcome back!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all the best in the year to come.

Did any of you put glue on your hands in primary school just to peel it off? Well, that’s the target group here today. Or you could be into anti-aging products to like this review.

I’m starting this year off with a review of an interesting product from GlamGlow. They teamed up with Power Rangers to #morphandmask with their GravityMud Firming Treatment mask.

This masks is the same as the original GravityMud Firming Treatment peel-off mask. You know that mask in the purple tub that turns from white to chrome? Same same except for the new villainous shades of metallic green (Rita Repulsa) and metallic gold (Goldar).

The ingredients include Glamglow’s Teaoxi Technology (their secret ingredient) using the squaline, ECEG, and polyphenols from natural tea leaves to deliver 200 times the power of vitamin E to your skin. The other key ingredients are marshmallow (relieves inflammation and soothes the skin) and licorice leaf ( great for sensitive skin, soothes skin & evens skin tone). The mask claims to instantly firm and lift the skin.

I purchased Rita Repulsa in a 30ml tube with a sample of the original chrome mask inside for $21 USD at Sephora. This has since sold out but is still available on GlamGlows website minus the sample. I think this is a great way to test out a mask without purchasing the $69 USD full-size.

Speaking of glue, the consistency of the mask is extremely thick and I highly suggest using a brush to get an even/thick layer. With peel-off masks, I find that the thicker you apply the easier it is to remove. Rita Repulsa smells nice and does feel lovely on the skin. It has that signature GlamGlow all-over tingle. You can feel the tightening as the mask dries over 20-30 minutes.

I am excited to say that I almost removed the mask in one big peel with some minor discomfort. I can’t lie, it did hurt a little while peeling and left mild redness. I would also advise steering clear of any baby hairs you may have along your hairline.

Results: After the redness started to fade, my face did feel more firm. To be honest, my skin didn’t feel moisturized and there was no residue. I will say that I had instant brightening, a more even tone, and (despite the lack of moisture) my face was soft and clean.

I would recommend this mask just for the slight lift and instant brightening.

Much Love,



  1. I LOVED peeling off dried glue as a kid! That said, this type of masks are big no’s for me. My skin can’t take the peeling and will break out in hives from it! I wish I could because they’re so fun. 😛 It’s so satisfying to peel off in one piece too.

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    • I was afraid too because I get bright red and stay that way for hours. This wasn’t too bad, I was ok in an hour but really the benefits weren’t worth the hair pulling. I have micro hair all over my face and it kills. 😂


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