Annie’s Way Black Charcoal Jelly Mask Review

I’ve been seeing so much about jelly masks lately and my curiosity got the better of me. I had to know if they are a gimmick or do they really offer positive results. I purchased Annie’s Way Charcoal Black Jelly Mask from and, as promised on my Instagram, I am going to give an honest review.

If you haven’t heard or seen a Jelly Mask yet, they are exactly as they sound, a strange jelly like substance that you lather onto your face and wait 15-30 minutes and scrape off. I know scrape off sounds harsh but that is exactly what the instructions say to do.

I chose Annie’s Way because they seemed to have good reviews with their first Arbutus + Hyaluronic Acid Jelly Mask, so I thought I would try their latest Charcoal Mask.

The mask is in a clear plastic package similar to a sheet mask. Since it’s clear you can see the black jelly sitting in the bottom. The clear package is cool but makes it extremely difficult to read the ingredients and directions.

Here is the description of the Jelly Mask from Annie’s Way:

√ Gently melts away dirt and acne. Easily removes blackheads without the help of peel-off mask.

√ The jelly texture helps calm and contract pores, eliminating redness and renewing skin.

√ Draw out oil, dirt and toxins and softens skin.

√ Shrinks follicle walls to purify pores.

√ Hydrates skin and leaves it feeling firm and smooth.

Suitable Skin Type

√ Moisture loss, oily complexion

√ Extremely oily skin

√ Shine-prone skin where makeupeasily comes off

The directions state to use on clean and toned skin. Apply using a spatula because, as you can see, there is a massive amount for a one time application. You have to apply it  0.3 cm thick (trust me it’s a pretty thick layer). Leave the mask on for 15-30 minutes. I decided I would play it safe and go with 20 minutes.

I have a full-proof/disgusting way to test these products that claim to draw dirt and oil from pores. I have an old chicken pox scar on my forehead that makeup, oil, and dirt builds up inside of. I know….gross! Very few products have actually cleaned that hole out. Let’s get to the application.

Since I didn’t have a spatula, I used a brand new foundation brush and it did the job. It took me at least 10 minutes to scoop all this jelly out.

The texture is a tad thinner than real jelly and there was so much of it that it took some work to get an even layer on my face.

Ok it wasn’t nearly an even layer, but I tried. I did leave it a little thicker in problem areas.

I instantly felt a soothing cool effect as soon as a slathered this jelly on. The mask had no scent that I could detect. When I read that the mask should be scraped off, I expected it to harden but it never did. It got thicker and a little bit darker the longer it stayed on. I have to admit it was really soothing and didn’t drop down my face as I assumed it would. I was picturing my face to looked like a melted candle (it kind of does) but it stayed put throughout.

Again, no spatula so I scrounged up a little sugar scrub scooper that I had and began scraping in off. It’s hard to describe the consistency, it was like that green slime you used to play with as a kid. It kind of plopped into the sink with a thud. As I was scraping this off, I saw some little white particles that could’ve been anything. It did come off pretty easy and I wiped away the excess with a tissue. I did a light rinse with warm water as directed and proceeded with my regular serum and moisturizer.

My hole in the forehead was completely cleaned out!! Like I said, not many products can do that. I also noticed my skin was way brighter. I mean this stuff almost demolished my Dominican tan. My normally oily T-zone was dry. My face didn’t feel moisturized or any softer. I can say without a doubt that it does purify pores, decreases oil, and brighten the skin. It is definitely worth $3.99 USD.

I will continue to purchase Annie’s Way Black Charcoal Jelly Mask and rate it a solid 8/10.

Have you tried any Jelly Masks? Sephora even has their version of a Jelly Mask that I may grab during the current VIB Rouge Spring Sale.

Have a great Sunday,



  1. This is SO intriguing!! I’ve never heard of or seen jelly masks – I learned something NEW.
    The “scrapping” off process sounds like something I would LOVE. Like peeling dried glue off my hands. Haha!
    Do you think this is less harsh than those peel off masks? I’m very very tempted to buy this to try. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad I found something you haven’t heard of…..impossible with bloggers.
      It’s not even close to the peel offs. I would take this any day. The peel off hurts!! This is really just sliding a spatula across your face and getting the slime off. Not abrasive unless you are heavy handed with a spatula. Lol
      The best part is you don’t have to buy the whole tub of it. Try the single packet like I did.

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  2. I have their Calendula version. I love Annie’s Way jelly mask. The one I have doesn’t clean as good as the charcoal does. I do like it better than clay mask since this one is gentler and less dry. And if you put thick enough, you can leave it on longer than 30 minutes. (I guess not this charcoal version since charcoal is famous with cleaning pores)
    My review is here. Please check it out if you are interested 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve read good reviews on the Calendula version too. I want to try all of them now!! I did use every drop in the package and I probably could’ve left it on longer. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll check out your review.

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