Someone Hit Pause Please!

Welcome back to hippylip! 

It’s been awhile, and although I don’t typically share my personal life on my beauty blog, I feel I owe my followers an explaination.

It all started with a beautiful vacation…..

 In the middle of February, my husband and I went to the Dominican Republic and we had an amazing Valentine’s vacation week courtesy of our children. On the very last day, my husband fell and broke his foot. We made our flight that day with an ace bandage and crutches. We drove straight from the airport to the emergency room. The break was in 8 places and required surgical repair. 

Landing in Puerto Plata
Leg marked for surgery

In the meantime, my father was scheduled to have a major surgery involving his liver and spleen. So with the good old luck of the Irish, both surgeries happened the same time on the week of March 13th. I bounced like a tennis ball between 2 hospitals. Both my father and husband happen to have serious post surgical complications. Both developed surgical infections. My father also had a serious condition that changed his mental status, temporarily.

Just as my father came home and my husband was on the mend, tragedy reared its ugly head once more and my 5 month old puppy suddenly passed away on 3/23. I found him seconds after it happened and I performed CPR for way too long. He had a congenital defect that neither us or the vet picked up on. 

There still isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry for our puppy. He was smart, adorable, beautiful, and brought new life to our family.  

Brutus in my suitcase prior to vacation

Up until today, I have have been unable to speak about the puppy and I still cry every day. 

My father and husband are both home and doing really well with approximately 12 weeks of recovery to go. 

I can’t explain why these terrible events are suddenly thrown at us or what the lesson is meant to be, in a puppy’s death. I do know that all of these events have made my family closer and we all have more respect for the fragility of life. 

I had to add some humor to this post

I needed to hit pause and take time to get myself together. Now that I’ve done that, I will get back to regularly scheduled beauty reviews and posts. 

I will not end this post on a bad note. I do have good news. I am headed to the most magical place on earth next weekend with a group of amazing children that have cancer. Although this trip is for work, It’s still an awesome opportunity that I’m grateful for. 

I’ve also gained some new followers this week. Thank you to the new and old for your patience wile I was on pause. 

I’m joining the dance!

I look forward to getting back to catching up on all of your posts and working on hippylip again!




  1. Oh man! I was wondering what was going on. I know you had the vacation but didn’t know about the surgeries and then all the complications!
    I’m so SO sorry about your puppy!!! 😦 😦 Congenital defects are just so difficult to diagnose unless the vet was looking for it. I can’t even imagine. I’m sure it was difficult for you to even write about it.
    Taking time out for yourself is definitely warranted and sensible! Take care of yourself!
    The trip with the children sounds amazing – I hope you all have a wonderful time and build life long memories!


  2. I am so sorry to hear and my condolences on the loss of your puppy! I will be a mess when I lose my cat. I also went through a very similar situation in October, which is why I was absent from blogging. My brother is only 1 year younger than I (I think they call that Irish twins!) and he was on the verge of losing his life. He had an innumerable amount of lesions on his brain that were causing all sorts of issues, including his ability to eat/swallow and speak. He was a vegetable. It took a while for the doctors to diagnose him and then it took a while for him to get treatment. He was in and out of the hospital several times and was finally diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. He is doing better now overall though. Life is crazy! it can pause at any moment without warning. I’d like to think that something good comes out of events like these. Even if we never know the reason why. For me, my relationship with my brother got stronger and I look at life so much differently now. Hang in there! I’m glad to see you back! 🙂

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    • Thanks Shay! I definitely noticed your absence and I’m sorry about your brother and it taking so long for diagnosis & treatment. It’s nice to hear that he’s doing better. Im glad ur back too! The only good that comes from something so traumatic is stronger relationships & appreciation for life.
      We previously had a 13 yr old boxer that had testicular cancer and passed. The puppy was a new start after we lost the first one. Now his little box of ashes is next to the big box of ashes 😢.
      I usually take whatever comes and roll with it but the puppy threw me over the edge because of the way it happened.
      Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. I hope your brother remains well & treatment is a success.


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