OMG!! I Did Not Make Rouge!

No, I did not make Rouge status at Sephora and it was purely intentional. I just don’t see the see it as a benefit with my points adding up to samples that should be free. However, I do love all things beauty so I still shop at Sephora but I’m no longer in a race to make Rouge and if I get a better deal elsewhere, I’m buying it elsewhere!

I knew for weeks (with the mounds of Sephora emails) when the Rouge and VIB sale was happening. I did not make a list or conjure up a way to maximize my points. I simply went online the day of the sale and got a few things on my wishlist because 20% off is a deal and I’ll take it. I like not having the pressure of purchasing enough so that I can get a limited edition Marc Jacob’s lipstick (that I’ll never wear) or a bunch of sample size beauty items that are instantly out of stock the day they launch. Yes, they occasionally have some good 500 point perks if you can get your hands on them.

I shopped online to re-stock some favorites, try something new, vamp up my anti-aging lip plumping, and get something I’ve wanted for a long time.

Here is my Sephora VIB haul. All photos are stock from their website until I receive my shipment. Then I will do a full review of all products I haven’t already reviewed.

Re-stock of my everyday foundation
Re-Stock of for my extreme hydration days
New addition for my lip-care routine
Recommended by sales person for dark under eyes
Another new cheaper version of lip-care
Needed a new facial cleansing sponge and these were cheap!
Always wanted and the reason I shopped the VIB sale
Exploring Peel pads and was cheaper than most & had great reviews

Update: As of December 31st, 2016 I was $81 USD away from Sephora VIB Rouge, which is nothing in comparison to what I spend in a single trip. I still didn’t make it and this time it was intentional. The fabulous, yet impossible samples or should be free samples just aren’t worth my hard earned money, so until Sephora steps it up, I have no interest in making Rouge.

I hope you enjoys my Sephora VIB sale picks and I can’t wait to see yours!

What do you think of Sephora’s point system! Give Me Some Lip!!



  1. I would not be Rouge if not for my friends ordering through me. You’re right, it’s NOT worth it!
    I’d love to read a review on the Lancer lip kit – I’ve never heard of that brand or seen that kit before.
    And the Kapland lip mask / balm too! Wow, you’re really stocking up on the lip stuff, huh.
    Konjac sponges are my favourite! They’re great for gentle exfoliation. And, I think they make my cleansers go further since they foam up so well, I don’t need as much product.
    Oooh I’ve been wanting the LM looser powder – everyone raves about it. I have to wait though, I’ve got so many on the go right now.
    And you know my stance of the Sephora points program – they can SUCK IT! 😉

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    • Hi Stashy!! I have the Lancer face exfoliator and I LOVE it so I’m hoping the lip kit is just as good! Kaplan MD shocked me because I didn’t realize Sephora sold that brand. I read some hype months back about it and it was like $25 so why not? I spent $71 total. Not breaking the bank and def not making rouge at this rate and they can suck it!! I started using Konjac sponges about 2 years ago and I’ve never looked back, for the reason you said….it cuts back on product use and I get a deeper cleanse I’m so sick of seeing LM and I had a mini makeover at Sephora a few months back and noticed every single artist was using it. Thanks for stopping by. Can’t wait for Tuesday!


  2. I haven’t purchased anything from Sephora since July. I lost my VIB status this year after having it since they introduced the program. Their points system just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I only shop there these days if it is for something that I can’t find anywhere else.

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    • I agree with you Jodi! If I can find it somewhere else, especially at a better price/point system, I will. Since I had VIB (prob my last) I used the 20%. I didn’t even bother checking out the point perks and I have a lot of points. YOU SAID IT!! The biggest problem is they have brands monopolized so I’ve started buying directly from the brands when I can. For example KVD’s newer palette….bought from KVD beauty website. I’m fed up. Can you tell?

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