Unboxing Glossybox June 2016

June’s Glossybox is coming to you a little late. I am behind in posts due to having to say goodby to our 12-year-old boxer. It’s been a very sad few weeks for my family. Life sometimes throws you a curve and it takes time to get back into the swing of things so here I am….back at it!! I can’t wait to show you this Glossybox!!!

UPDATE!!! For a limited time you can get 3 free products in your August box with the code SUNSET at checkout.

Every month Glossybox sends me 5 beauty products including niche, high-end, and emerging brands. The products are housed in a beautifully packaged reusable box for $21/month. The packaging is always top-notch. Inside is a folded card describing each product and offering tips, tricks or tidbits which are convenient and sometimes fascinating. If you love luxury products and super cute packaging you can subscribe here for $21 USD/month.

June’s box was a special edition with Glossybox doing a collaboration with the Tony Awards. The box was specially designed to give you everything you need for prep & prime for your red carpet look. The box itself was had a Tony Award red design for a beautiful change. Everything was perfectly packaged, wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with a red ribbon. Glossybox always brings the packaging to another level. Of all the beauty subscriptions that I get, Glossybox is the one I can count on for premium packaging and introducing me to emerging brands. Glossybox has introduced me to so many new brands, which says a lot coming from a beauty blogger. Most of the time I end up falling in love (this could be very bad, lol.) They also send a lot of brands that I already know & love. Glossybox does send full-sized items but usually at least 3 are sample or deluxe size. This month there were 6 products and 3 of those were full-size. I was super excited to get a total of six products with half being full-size!!

Glossybox Tony Award Collab

Glossybox June 2016: Tony Awards Collaboration: Flashing Lights Red Carpet Nights

Glossybox June 2016

Icona Milano: Emotion Allowed Mascara in full-size $19 USD.

Icona Milano Mascara Icona Milano Mascara brush

Tip: to extend the life of your mascara add 3-4 drops of saline eye drops into the tube and stir.

Review: I love the formula and lasting power but I just wasn’t a fan of the wand. I had to use my other favorite wand to achieve the look I wanted. For me it just isn’t worth purchasing to use another wand. 7/10.

Sinfulcolors: Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Satin Collection Denim and Bling collection in the shade Acid Wash. Full-size $3 USD

Kylie Jenner nail polish Kylie Jenner Acid Wash nail polish

Tidbit: Nail polish originated in China as early as 3000 B.C. and ingredients included things like gelatin, bees-wax, egg whites, and vegetable dyes.

Review: Maybe Kylie put gelatin and egg whites in this because it was awful!! I even gave it to a friend and she had the same thoughts. It was a beautiful shade of blue with some sparkle and I really wanted it to work. The texture was extremely difficult to work with, it was thick, clumpy, and dried super fast. Some might love a fast drying nail polish but for those of us that struggle for perfection…..NO! I just couldn’t get it to work….complete mess!! I’ve used Sinfulcolors before and never encountered a formula like this. Not even worth 3 bucks. 1/10 just for the shade being so pretty.

LA Splash: Lip Lacquer High Pigment Collection in the shade

LA Splash Lip Lacquer Red Carpet LA Splash lip lacquer wand

Tip: Exfoliate first to ensure smooth application of your favorite color.

Review: I have mixed feelings about this. Red isn’t my go to shade but this really looked pretty good on with lots of pigmentation. I didn’t like the flaky breakdown after a few hours and it does stain the lips making it a little difficult to remove. It does look nice in pictures. I don’t find myself reaching for this often and I probably won’t purchase any other shades. 6/10

Tantowel: Half Body Classic in 2 packets. Full-size is 10 towelettes for $27 USD.


Tip: Unfold towelette and apply to dry clean skin in circular motions over the body. Color appears in 2-4 hours, and lasts up to 7 days. Wash hands immediately after use.

Review: I really liked the convenience of having a pre-determined amount on a little towelette. I always have a problem with amounts of cream or foam self tanners. I did find that you have to work fairly quick because the towelette dries out pretty fast. These are great for beginners because it’s no mess and pretty mistake proof. I applied this after drying off from the shower and I woke up with a nice even and natural glow. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it for the convenience. I would definitely re-purchase Tantowel. 8/10.

Sebastian Professional: Whipped Cream in deluxe size. Full-size $20 USD. Also included a sample size of Sebastian Professional Dark Oil. Full-size $48

Sebastian Whipped Cream Sebastian Whipped Cream dispenser Sebastian Dark Oil

Tip: You can mix the Dark Oil with a moisturizing conditioner and let it sir as a hair mask for 5-10 mins.

Review: I typically do not like most hair products because my fine hair just can’t handle the weight, but I liked the fluffy feeling of Whipped cream. It looks like and dispenses like Redi-Whip. It smells great and it did make my hair soft with a little extra bounce. I really want to play around with this some more but I would probably purchase it again. 7/10. I honestly have not even tried the Dark Oil and have no future plans to try it, my hair doesn’t like oil. lol

Caolion: Premium O2 Bubble & Cool Pore Pack Duo in sample size. Full-Size $ 31 USD

Caolion Pore Pack Sample Caolion Pore Pack

Tip: Use this the night before your big event

Review: I loved this pore pack. It’s a weird sensation with the bubbles evaporating on your face but it really felt like it was cleaning out my pores. The cooling pack is exactly how it sounds very cooling and relaxing. My face felt amazingly clean and refreshed. The next day I could still see the results of the mask, my face was bright and supple. I already re-purchased this one. 9/10.

Overall June’s Glossybox was pretty great. I got to try several new products and they were all good minus the Kylie nail polish. I would rate the entire box a 7/10. Glossybox is still my favorite of my subscriptions.

Have you tried any of these products? Give me some lip!!!



  1. I really think Kylie just ruins every products she puts her name on..lol (hater allert!) but I was kinda excited when I saw you got Sinful Colors until I saw her name on it (ugghh) the shade is really nice but sad that the formulation is bad..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I heard bad things about the Matte Satin formulas of the Kylie polishes! Too bad. I wonder if some thinner would help? I don’t like fast dry polishes, only fast dry top coats! 😛
    I’ve toyed with getting self tanning towelettes before but I wasn’t sure if they’d be streaky – glad this brand is good. I’ve always used Jergens mousse which is good but messy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh it was awful!! I added thinner then more thinner and nothing helped….its just not worth it. Lol YES to the TanTowels!!! No streaks and super easy to use. Thanks for checking out my post Stash!!😘

      Liked by 1 person

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