Sephora Play! June 2016

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! I just got back from an amazing mini mountain vacation, where I took my first 6 mile trip down the river in a canoe. It was so serene and beautiful and I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t already. Now it’s that time again, another Sephora Play! has arrived and I want to give y’all the scoop. That darn exclamation point drives me nuts when posting, btw. I decided to do things a little differently and wait until the end of the month so that I have a better understanding and more time to use the products and give more input.

Sephora Play is a monthly beauty subscription service. Unfortunately, as of this post, it is only available in 48 contiguous United States. The website says they are working to change this and will update when it becomes more widely available. It costs $10 USD/month plus tax. Each month you will receive:

  • 5 deluxe samples plus a bonus fragrance sample from in-store brands.
  • Play! Book with tips, tricks, and advice about your samples.
  • Play! Pass (to redeem in-store) for a free one-on-one tutorial plus 50 extra Beauty Insider Points with any product purchase. Doesn’t have to be an item from your Play! Box.
  • Collectible makeup bag.
  • An email invite to Play! Date, a subscriber meet-up at select stores.

Sephora Play! June theme: The Minimalist

Watermarked Photo 36 (2016-07-08-1750)

Bumble and Bumble- Don’t Blow It in sample size/full-size $15-$31 USD.

What it is: a creme that adds body and enhances fine to medium hair for a laid-back air-dried style.

Tip: braid hair after application to contain frizziness.

Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow ItBumble and Bumble Don't Bow It


Bareminerals-bareSkin Bronzer Sheer Sun in sample size/full-size $28 USD.

What it is: a light-weight liquid bronzer to be worn alone, or mixed for a natural looking touch of sun.

Tip: Mix a drop or two in your moisturizer or foundation for a more subtle natural sun glow.

Bareminerals bareskin Bareminerals bronzer Bareminerals Liquid Bronzer




Benefit Cosmetics-They’re Real Mascara in sample size/full-size $24 USD.

What it is: a mascara that volumes & lengthens with a specially designed precision wand.

Tip: Use the dome tip of the wand to fan out lashes for a more dramatic look.

Benefit They're Real Benefit's They're Real Wand Benefit's Cosmetics Mascara

Becca-Backfight Priming Filter in deluxe sample/full-size $38 USD

What it is: shimmery makeup primer made to blur imperfections and give a luminous look.

Tip: For a minimal and polished look dab on the eyes instead of shadow, cheek bones to highlight, or lips for a shimmery nude lip.

Becca Backlight Becca Primer Becca Backlight Primer Becca Primer Pump

tarte-Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion in sample size/full-size $12-$32 USD.

What it is: Anti-oxidant infused, non-chemical SPF 30 sunscreen that moisturizes and protects without being sticky.

Tip: Apply sunscreen prior to moisturizer to allow it to work on the skin.

tarte Tartguard Tarteguard swatch tarteguard

Tocca Beauty- Florence sample/full-size $22-$68 USD

What it is: A fragrance from long ago Paris with notes of violet, blonde wood and bergamot.

Tip: Mix it with a non-scented lotion to stay moisturized and fresh

Tocca Florence Tocca Perfume

Review: I was a slightly excited and a little disappointed at first glance because I owned everything minus the Becca Backlight and the whole reason behind the subscription is to try new products right? Granted they are all items I love but I’m just a little sick of seeing.

I must have 12 Benefit’s They’re Real and they’ve made 2 newer mascaras since so come on Benefit!!! (I think they made enough for each girl on the planet to have at least 2 and now they have to get rid of the extras. lol). Oh well, I can always use backups of one of my favorite mascaras and I won’t ever have to buy the full-size. This is my FAVORITE wand of all time and I keep an empty to use with other mascaras. Do you ever find the perfect formula and the wand sucks?

I’ve only used the Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It twice and it kind of shocked me because it worked really well on my fine hair. The only issue is I never have time to air dry my hair but I am making an effort for my hair’s sake. It is light weight and a small amount goes a long way it’s a thin creamy consistency and applies easily. I like it but I’m sure there is something better for the price. Probably won’t purchase the full-size.

The gem of the box was Baremineral BareSkin Liquid Bronzer. I loved this from first swatch!! This tiny little bottle sound like a spray paint can when you shake it. I’ve never used it as a straight up bronzer, I mix it with my foundation for a flawless and natural sun-kissed glow. I immediately purchased the full-size even though this little one will last a long time cause one drop is enough but I’m using 2 drops because I’m pretty tan right now. It’s perfect for us girls who need a winter and summer foundation. Now you can save money and add this to your lighter shade foundation in the summer. Go get it!!

Becca Backlight is just ok. I can’t use it under my foundation because it’s too oily for my combination skin and it made my drug store foundation oxidize faster. As for the tips-DO NOT use this on your lips unless you like the taste of perfume. I do like it as a cheek highlighter and I also really liked it on the eyelid alone but not as a primer. It gives the eyes a little natural shimmer for very minimal makeup days. I just can’t see paying that price for super subtle eyes or highlighted cheek bones so I won’t purchase the full-size.

Tarteguard is a nice little thing to keep in your bag. I used it when I was on vacation and it works great without feeling sticky or oily. Will I purchase the full  for $32? No, I will stick with my regular sunscreen for that price and how much sunscreen do you need for your face? It’s a nice product but I already like what I use at a much better price point. I have 3 of these now so I’m good for the rest of the summer.

Tocca Florence is my favorite of the Tocca line. It’s a nice floral/bergamot scent and it’s very distinct. I get compliments every time I wear it. It is reasonably priced with the full-size being $68. It does need a re-application throughout the day so the sample is great. My only problem is I hate a dabber!!!! Please, fragrance companies!!! spend the extra cents and add a spray pump to your sample. I find myself reaching for other samples because they have a pump. Maybe it’s just a personal issue with me making a mess with a dabber. Does anyone else have the same issue? Bottom line is YES I recommend Tocca Florence and I will keep purchasing it, regardless of how they design their samples. lol. FYI: they sell a deluxe sample set of Tocca fragrances, all with spray pumps. That is how I originally discovered florence.

I would rate this month a 7/10 just because it had some favorites and I found a possible holy grail.

Thanks for reading and until next time, Give Me Some Lip!




  1. I love how nearly all the items are things I’d actually USE. I’m super curious about that Becca primer… might be more of a winter primer for me. And yes, I’ll not put that on my lips! Do you put EVERYTHING on your lips, missy?
    These samples are like a bunch of 100 pt perks put into a box. I”m still wondering when Sephora is bringing this to Canada! But they’ll probably hike up the price to C$20, gah.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg that’s what I love about Play!! It’s stuff I will actually use. I suspect you are right about Becca being better for winter, it’s a bit heavy for the humid days. Haha I do NOT put everything on my lips but that was an actual tip included in the Play insert so I tried it….bad idea!! I haven’t thought about it but they really are like the 100 point perks. Do you know how many times I wanted to buy the perk because I was out of points? Wait until you see July’s Play, I’ve used everything already. I hope they don’t hike up the price for CA. They do charge tax which NO other sub does…it’s only .88cents but still, seriously?


  2. I am dying to get this subscription service in my area! I would definitely NOT want mascara though, OMG. I’d love to see some YSL, Guerlain, Givenchy, etc in these boxes. Every box i see, I’m like where is the tom ford lipstick? Where is the YSL new colored mascara? It looks like you got a good box but it’s probably better looking to me since I don’t have most of the items in that box, whereas you have them already. =(

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hate perfume dabbers too – I feel like the universe can all agree on that one! 😉 If I never see another tube of that mascara again, I’d be happy. I’ve received so many samples of it over the years too and I actually hate it – it does nothing for my lashes except make them look spidery. I’d add Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer to that list too – I’m always getting samples of it and I hate if!

    That BM bronzer looks gorgeous though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. So true!! I have about 10 photo finish primers. I actually like benefit’s mascara I just have so many and it would be nice to try something new. It stinks that you hate it cause it’s everywhere!!! I LOVE the bronzer. If I had to recommend one thing this month it would be that or Colourpop’s Churro highlighter.

      Liked by 1 person

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