Podcast ALERT!!

For those of you that know my writing style, it’s very hard for me to put out a short post. I’m a type A and I crave perfection. I am officially BREAKING that rule because I was listening to my first ever podcast launched today by Cat Forsley at MyLipAddiction.com.

Here is the link, go listen and get inspired to be kind, try some Canadian brands, spread the love, blogging tips and have a ton of fun!!


Let me first introduce Cat. She’s an upbeat Canadian blogger who is largely into lipstick…duh lol and skincare. She is currently working with some amazing brands and I have a feeling she is going to sky rocket after listening to this podcast! Hats off to cat for sounding like a lifelong V.J. Cat is very approachable so go email, tweet, FB, or  Instagram her…..she will get back to you and she’s so much fun to talk to.

LittleBeautyLoves SLAYED that interview! She had some really honest and genuine advice for bloggers and she KNOWS her Canadian brands y’all!! She is a huge advocate for Canadian beauty brands.

I can’t wait to hear more from Cat. Tune in Thurday evenings for all new episodes!!
Until I am inspired to write again….GIVE ME SOME LIP!!


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Hi my name is Kristy and I am a married mother of two adult daughters and one teenage son, who continue to teach me about beauty and fashion trends all the time. I could blog full-time but I do love my career as a pediatric oncology nurse. I’m a former beauty school dropout which probably played a little part in my decision to blog about beauty. I’m passionate about beauty, fashion, writing, and music. Lipstick is my vice. I truly believe that brutally honest feedback is required for growth. I won’t let you down.

15 thoughts on “Podcast ALERT!!

  1. I want to record Cat’s voice and listen to it over and over again. Her voice is one of the most seduction voice i’ve heard ever. 🙂 ❤

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  2. So awesome of you to post this!
    We’re making you an honourary Canadian! 😀
    PS. I’m Cat’s next guest on the podcast. Mark your calendar…. next Thursday! 😉


    1. Thanks!! I was being honest and are you kidding? Can’t wait for the interview with the mysterious Stash. lol AWESOME… I’m happy to be an honourary Canadian. I think I follow more Canadian bloggers than anyone!!! I seriously have not met an unfriendly blogger yet!


    1. You were awesome in the interview!! I really enjoyed it and as you can tell I’m not a podcast kinda girl. Lol. I really learned some interesting facts about Canadian brands. Nude Stix? One of my favorites….never knew they were born in Canada. 💜. I can’t believe I’m just finding your blog now!!

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