Sephora Play! May 2016 & My Play! Date

I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally get off the Sephora Play wait list! I have received my first Play! box and attended a Play! Date. Yes, I said a Play Date.

Honestly, I was a little surprised that Sephora jumped on the beauty sub bandwagon so of course I immediately signed up for the waitlist and it took about 6 months to finally get my invitation. This is not like other monthly subs, Sephora has a serious waitlist. Right when I started to think it was never going to happen, I finally received my invite at the end of April and I had to wait a little over a month for my first box.

Sephora Play is a monthly beauty subscription service. Unfortunately it is only available in the U.S. as of this post. It costs $10 USD/month plus tax. Each month you will receive:

5 deluxe samples plus a bonus fragrance sample from in-store brands.

Play! Book with tips, tricks, and advice about your samples.

Play! Pass (to redeem in-store) for a free one-on-one tutorial plus 50 extra Beauty Insider Points with any product purchase. Doesn’t have to be an item from your Play! Box.

Collectible makeup bag.

An email invite to Play! Date, a subscriber meet-up at select stores.


May’s Play! Theme: The Forces Of Nature $10.88 USD

Can you see the cute little bag with all the lips on it? LOVED it!!! It says “Let’s Beauty Together”

Sephora Play! May 2016

Sephora Play! May

Atelier Cologne in sample size. A refreshing burst of blood orange and bitter orange peel paired with notes of geranium. Full-size $120 USD.

Alter Cologne

Bite Beauty-Amuse Bouche in Kimchi sample size. Hand-crafted, high pigment lipstick that  delivers intense hydrations using 12 edible oils. Contains coconut oil for anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and hydration. Also contains Pomegranate oil to moisturize and protect against environmental damage with antioxidants. Full-size $26 USD.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche

Bite Beauty Lipstick Kimchi

tarte- Tartiest Lip Crayon in Latergram. Prime and line with this lip crayon that nurtures with vitamin E and antioxidant. Contains vitamin E for natural preservation, nurtures dry skin, and protects from free radicals. Also contains mineral pigments to produce vibrant, long-lasting color and help to sooth the skin. Full-size $18 USD.

tart lip liner Latergram

tart tastiest lip crayon

Origins- Maskimizer + Drink Up & Clear Improvement Masks. Priming mist that optimizes skin’s condition, while the Charcoal Mask cleanses and the Overnight Mask deeply moisturizes. Full-size Maskimizer $22 USD.


Origins Maskimizer

Korres- Wild Rose Sleeping Facial in sample size. Light-weight overnight facial treatment melts into the skin to brighten and moisturize with wild rose oil, which is rich in vitamin C for helping to even skin tone and visibly improve fine lines. Full-size $48 USD.

Korres Wild Rose Overnight Facial

Briogeo- Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask in deluxe sample size. Intensely hydration hair treatment made with naturally derived ingredients to restore and replenish such as argan oil for repair, softening, and anti-frizz and avocado oil for deep conditioning  and enhancing natural shine without weighing down hair. Full-size $36 USD.

Briogeo Conditioning Hair Mask

Here is a swatch of Bite’s Kimchi & tarte’s Lip Crayon in Latergram:

Top: Kimchi Bottom: Latergram
Top: Kimchi Bottom: Latergram

Impression: I saw a sneak peak prior to the box arriving and I knew & loved most of the brands. I had high expectations  for this box and it almost lived up. I actually enjoyed every item except Briogeo (not good for my hair type and I already have 5 of this same sample from other subs). I was a little disappointed in the size of the Maskimizer, it was literally the size of a perfume sampler and I got 2 uses out of it so I really can’t say if it works or not. I guess because it came with foil packets of Origin’s cleanser & mask it all added up to one sample? tarte’s lip liner was so dried out that it crumbled on contact with my lips and I almost cried because the description is awesome and it’s a great universal shade. I did not contact Sephora because I did read that other Play subscribers experienced a similar event with the lip liner.  While Aletier’s perfume smells amazing, it was Bite’s Kimchi and Korres’ Rose Mask that stole the show. Sephora knew what they were doing when they chose Kimchi, it’s beautiful, applies nicely, feels amazing and is universal…more on that later. Korres killed it with their Wild Rose Overnight Facial. I love an overnight mask and this one actually does what it says. Overall I would rate this Play a 6/10 and not worth $10.88 USD. Had I been able to use the Briogeo and if the tarte stayed intact…yes it would be well worth it.

Play! Date

I received an email the day after my Play Box arrived with a special invitation to a Sephora Play! Date with the option to bring one guest. Since the play date is only offered at select Sephora locations within the U.S. & there happened to be one about 25 minutes away from me, I opted to go with a guest. It seemed like a great way to meet other subscribers and see what the Play! Dates were really about. I was also looking forward to learning more about the products in box. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I was picturing us on a tour-like  date just walking around the store learning about products. I was completely wrong!

Sephora had stations set up for approximately 15 people. Each station was equipped with a mirror, q-tips, cleansing products, and randomly placed full-size products from our May box and a few other popular products.  There was also a cute Sephora Play Bag in front of each person’s seat. The bag was exactly like the one I received in my box so I was confused about why we were getting the same thing. That actually would’ve been awesome but instead it was filled with a compact mirror, pen, tablet, and hair ties that had the Sephora Play logo, all so that we could easily take notes on anything we learned and pull our hair back for anything we wanted to try.

The staff were all super friendly and knowledgeable about the products. The cool part was that each staff member specialized in a specific category; lips, skin, eyes, fragrance ect. We talked about the products we received, learned tips & tricks and had a live demonstration done on one Play subscriber’s lips using the tarte liner and Bite lipstick. Every one of the staff member were wearing Bite Beauty’s Kimchi lipstick so that we could see the drastic differences between skin tones. I learned the proper way to use a fragrance/perfume!  I’ve been doing it tye wrong way for many years. Lol.

I have to give Seohora credit here, Play date was a unique and original idea. Live demonstration, meeting subscribers, and interaction is way more fun than reading it from a card or booklet. It was a cool experience and I will definitely go again if I get the chance.


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