Rainbow Alert: The Highlighter In High Demand

Bitter Lace Beauty, an Etsy seller, has sky rocketed with her latest highlighter called Prism. Calling all mermaid and unicorn lovers…this is the highlighter you’ve been waiting for!!

Prism is like nothing I’ve ever seen in the highlighting/strobing world. It’s a rainbow of color that is both innovative and beautiful. I don’t go crazy with highlighting, sometimes I will add a little Laura Mercier 01 to my cheek bones. Prism just intrigues me I want to own it because who doesn’t love rainbows?

POPSUGAR posted about it here

Photograph credits to Bitter Lace:

All photographs dipicted here are from the Bitter Lace site. 

For $22 USD you can pre-order Prism with a 3-4 month wait. Once that sells out then the wait time increases to 5-6 months and so on. This was a genius way to market a sold out item. 

I LOVE Jeffree Star and I think if I was a vlogger this is exactly what I would sound like. I like that he says whatever he wants so I had to link his video about the Rainbow Highliter 

Tell me what you think of Prism. Give Me Some Lip!!!



    • Thank you Christine, for the constant support!! I love highlighters but I’ve never gone this extreme and I’m sure I will fudge it up the first few time but when I get it right I will update with a pic. 😁


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