Sephora Play

I’m sure some of you are aware that Sephora has stared their own subscription service. I’ve even seen some of your pics of the box. While I jealously loved your posts, I was wait listed months ago. I finally received the email that I was off the wait list!! 

Of course this was in the middle of the cycle and even though I subscribed immediately, they bill on the 1st of the month and send out boxes the 3rd week of the month. My first box won’t be until closer to the end of May. I completed an online profile asking the typical questions like hair, skin, and eye color. You can subscribe here. Here is what Sephora Play is offering:

Anyone else familiar with Sephora Play? How do you like it so far?



  1. I just got off the waitlist as well! I don’t see the Welcome page with my name though… but under my Sephora account is says I’m signed up. I will absolutely die if I don’t get it haha. Especially after Allure Beauty Boxes gigantic fiasco

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    • That was an email welcoming me after I signed up but I can’t see my info unless I log in to Sephora. I haven’t heard a word since and I would die too. Lol. What happened with Allure??

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      • Well they released spoilers for their May box, so a lot of people were interested and signed up. Everyone that had signed up was supposed to get the May box since that is what they stated on their website. Just a day ago someone called to confirm their order and found out they wouldn’t be getting May’s but instead June’s. So they posted on this blog site about sub boxes.. and more and more people checked their accounts and they were now told they were getting June and not May. So basically anyone who signed up in April (regardless if it was before spoilers,) won’t be getting the advertised May box even though they were charged for it. Plus Allure didn’t notify anyone. People who found out through this blog had to call and confirm it. So not only did they charge hundreds of people, they neglected to tell everyone that they weren’t getting what they paid for. I’m sure a lot of people still don’t even know, and probably won’t know until their box doesn’t show up. It’s crazy sketchy and this isn’t the first time they’ve messed up big time apparently.

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      • Wow. That’s bait & switch. I’m so glad you told me! I almost ordered allure once based on spoilers but I saw that that month was sold out so I backed out…thank god.

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      • Yea I don’t think they really care either… Such a horrible way to do business! Especially such a big brand name! There are much better companies out there stepping up their box game hah πŸ™‚

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