Must Have Hair Product: Beautiful Nutrition-Lemon Rinse

Weekend Begins Now….YASSSSS!!!

I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to post about this miracle hair rinse. I received the first sample of Beautiful Nutrition’s Lemon Rinse in a beauty subscription box months ago. I’ve wanted to blog about it for so long so now I will to tell you why I immediately purchased the full-size and can’t live without it.

Beautiful Nutrition is a company that sells hair products and beauty supplements. Their site also says they will have superfoods available soon. Here is Beautiful Nutrition’s description of Lemon Rinse:

Product buildup causes hair to look dull and lifeless. Lemon Rinse™ gentle clarifying treatment removes dulling product buildup and returns hair to its natural glory. Active lemon extracts gently cleanse and tone, rapidly restoring weightless body and shine.

Balances scalp for healthy hair growth
Smooths cuticle and enhances shine
Boosts volume
For all hair types and for color-treated hair
14 mg lemon distillates per application
13.3 fl oz.

Beautiful Nutrition

Lemon Rinse comes in a 13.3 oz. bottle with a flip-top lid with a decent size opening for quick and easy application. It’s a clear gel like fluid that is slightly thicker than water. The scent is absolutely amazing, this stuff smells like freshly squeezed lemonade! I would’ve just said fresh squeezed lemons but at first use I was immediately reminded of boardwalk lemonade (the real kind). First I will tell you the real directions then I will tell you what I do. BN’s directions say to shampoo and condition your hair first then thoroughly saturate your hair from root to tip with Lemon Rinse. Allow treatment to remain on for a few seconds before rinsing. Use once or twice a week to maintain optimal hair health.

Lemon Rinse

Let me explain my hair type, I have very fine/flat/wavy hair and getting any kind of volume takes way to much energy. It literally just falls flat against my head:

thin hair

You get the point…so when I used Lemon Rinse the first time, I felt like my hair was too dry and a little brittle. It was, because that is what Lemon Rinse does, it removes all the buildup and strips your hair down to its natural shine/beauty. I just didn’t like how it felt after I rinsed, kind of like rinsing hair dye out….yuck! I found the perfect solution with all the benefits still intact. I shampoo & rinse first, then add Lemon Rinse root to tip (more focus on the root), then I add a dime size amount of conditioner on my ends only. I leave both on for 1 minute then rinse. My hair is softer this way and I still get the full effect of Lemon Rinse.

Lemon Rinse Swatch
Texture of Lemon Rinse
Every single time I use this, which is twice a week, at least 3 people compliment me or ask if I died my hair. Now it’s just getting to the point where I say “Lemon Rinse….Remeber?” It is a huge difference, with ultra shine and bounce. Lemon Rinse had really brought life back to my hair. I actually reached out to the company and gave my hair deets to see if they had any other suggestions from their hair or supplement line. I will update when I get a response. I definitely give this product a 10/10 especially for people with thin or fine hair.

After all that, how much do you think it costs? $10 USD!!!! NO, not a typo…..TEN BUCKS and you can get an additional 10% off by using my discount code.

This is not sponsored post and it does contain a referral link.

Has anyone used Lemon Rinse or anything similar? Give Me Some Lip!



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