50 Shades of Nude….Lipstick!

Hope you all had a great weekend! This post is going up a little late because we lost an hour here on the east coast, although I feel like I lost a whole day. lol. I spent my weekend going through my mounds of lip products for a post that was going to be “lipstick favorites” and quickly turned into “50 shades of nude”. There really isn’t 50 shades in this post but there are a lot!

Since I spent so much time trying to organize my makeup this weekend, I thought, why not share my work-friendly neutrals with you guys? While I would love to wear purple lipstick (my fav) everyday, I work in a hospital and tend to tone it down a bit on the day-to-day. Just to give you a little background on preference, I prefer creamy lipstick, powder based glosses, stains, and the occasional matte (when I take the time to prep).

My winter lip routine consists of using tarte’s Maracuja Lip Exfoliant first then adding Jersey Shore’s Mongongo Lip Balm before bed. This combination has kept my lips well hydrated through the cold months and works great as prep for liquid mattes.

tarte Maracujá Lip Exfoliant
tarte Maracujá Lip Exfoliant
Jersey Shore Mongongo Lip Balm
Jersey Shore Mongongo Lip Balm
I Find that I reach for Clinique’s Chubby Stick Lip Balm in Whole Lotta Honey the most. Described accurately as a sheer warm beige, it applies super smooth and even. It’s not sticky/tacky like a gloss but not as opaque as a lipstick. It’s the perfect in-between for everyday plus it’s super moisturizing. The only down-side is I have to re-apply every 3-4 hours throughout the day and some days I just don’t feel like keeping up. lol

Clinique Chubby Stick Whole Lotta Honey
whole Lotta Honey Swatch
I was on a Korean beauty kick for a while and I stumbled upon Peripera’s My Color Lips number 17 Golden Chocolate. I really thought I was just falling for another pretty package but I really love this shade. It’s not really chocolate at all, it’s more of a peachy brown with just a hint of sparkle. Color lasts about 3 hours but definitely another one I reach for a lot. This is great all year round but I reach for it on warmer days.

Peripera Packaging
Peripera Golden Chocolate #17
I finally splurged and bought 3 of YSL’S Rouge Volute Shine lipsticks; Pink In Confidence, Rose Infinite, and Beige Instinct. I wear all 3 to work. I could tell right away that these were worth every penny. Not only are they elegant, they are hydrating & so pigmented for being shiny. They feel so velvety smooth on my lips. They also have a very distinct scent that I have never encountered in a lipstick, it’s a light fruit scent that I just can’t pinpoint…possibly mellon? I really can’t think of any other product for comparison. My goal is to own the entire collection. #lipstickgoals

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Packaging
Pink In Confidence, Rose Infinite, Beige Instinct
If you haven’t heard of ColourPop yet you can check out my post here. This is an ultra cheap and effective brand that I highly recommend for anyone on a budget who is looking for a wide range of high pigmented lipsticks in every formula from shiny to matte. I just ordered 3 Ultra Satin Mattes in some really wild shades but for now I will stick to the neutrals and show you Bumble, which is a dusty warm terracotta. Because it’s a matte shade, it’s one of the darker nudes in this collection. This tends to be really drying so prepare your lips ahead of time and no worries.

Bumble on the far left
Since we are talking about matte I should also show you My Kat Von D Lolita Lip Duo. I love both Lolita 1 & 2 but for work I reach for the Lolita 1 more often because it looks more neutral on me. As you can see from the swatches below they could both be neutrals however, Lolita 2 appears as a brighter more red shade on me. I love everything KVD but the great thing about the Duo set is you are bound to love at least one of them. These apply so smooth and easy for a liquid matte. They really feel like you have nothing on until 3 hours in and you have to add some balm (I love/hate liquid mattes).

Lolita 2
Lolita 1
Top Lolita 2 Bottom Lolita 1
Next up and also mattes, are Gerard cosmetics in 1995, Buttercup, and Nude. Nude turned out to be too light on me in the summer but worked out pretty well in the winter. These are a little more creamy than a liquid matte and not as drying. Buttercup is the creamier of the 3 and I wear that to work the most. 1995 is my all time favorite matte but it’s about 3 shades too dark for work.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick
1995, Buttercup, Nude
On to the glosses: here is my Benefit Ultra Plush lip gloss in Dallas. For those of you that can’t stand the stickiness or tackiness of lip gloss (like me), you will love this! It’s a powder base gloss so it feels like lipstick with the sheerness/shininess of a gloss. Dallas is a dusty rose shade and I’m sad to say that mine is just about empty.

Benefit Ultra Plush Dallas
Dallas Swatch- apologies for the poor quality!
NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie was my #1 over the summer. I love this shade! It’s described as a deep peach and fit right in with my neutral look with a little pop of color. For $5 these glosses are soooo worth it. They are smooth, apply evenly, and I get tons of compliments when wearing Maple Blondie. You will have to re-apply every 3 hours and it can be annoying to keep up on a 12 hour shift but I still like it.

NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie
Maple Blondie Swatch
How can I have a lipstick post and not mention NARS?! Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil was part of a Sephora Birthday set. Rikugien is described as a rose pink but it’s not pink at all. It’s more of a very muted rose with a frosty finish. This lasts about 5 hours on me….major plus!! I also like the travel size because I can easily keep it in my pocket for touch-ups.

Nars Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil
Rikugien Swatch
Last but certainly not lease, in fact I’ve been wearing this all week, is theBalm’s Staniac in Beauty Queen. After seeing the product and hearing the name, I was not expecting this to be classified as a neutral. I was completely taken by surprise when this gave my lips a natural pinkish stain that wasn’t an in-your-face party pink. I am currently in love! This lasted at least 6 long hours and started feeling dry around hour 4 and I just popped some Mongongo over it and it was like new again. Definitely my new favorite.

theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen
Stainiac Beauty Queen Swatch
Hope you enjoyed my neutral lip picks!

Do you guys have any neutral suggestions? Give me some lip below!

Thanks for reading!




  1. Nudes aren’t really my thing but I do have some, brown toned. NYX lip lingerie in the shade exotic is my perfect nude. I also have Meet Matt Hughes in the shade charming (my second fave) and Gerard cosmetics in the shade 1995


  2. I only have one YSL and I reach for it once in a while but the formulation is really great! Im currently loving the Smashbox liquid lipstick that came with my Sephora Play box though.. it’s almost in the nude family?!? Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!! I believe it’s the same one, is it called Stepping Out? It’s a shade that looks different on everyone. If you are fair it’s like a darker brown and if you are olive or medium it’s slightly more than nude and if you have dark skin it’s definitely nude. It’s my favorite matte from the first Sephora set.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh, that Peripera lipstick packaging!!! And the colour is also lovely!
    I’ve not tried any YSL lipsticks but they do come highly recommended. One of these days I will take the plunge. I just fear that I will get addicted to higher end products! 😛 I also am toying either a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine – have you tried those?
    Nars was smart to include Rikugien in the Sephora birthday gift – such a wearable shade and I bet loads of people went on to purchase it in the full size!
    My most recently “nude” lipstick that I’m enjoying is the Rimmel Nude collection in #45:

    I’m thinking of getting #43 as well – I love a peachy nude.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank Stashy! The majority of my collection is peachy nude. Lol. The Peripera I got at an Urban Outfitters sale and the YSL are my favorite are super smooth/smell great but for the price they should last longer. I have not tried Chanel Rouge but I know all about them. Haha. I would love to try Rimmel…affordable and effective, thanks for the recommendations! Have a great day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome!! Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you liked it. I’m embarrassed to say that this is a small fraction of my nude lipsticks 🙈 The YSL just feels like heaven…if it lasted longer it would be the holy grail!! I haven’t met a NARS that I don’t like, honestly. Thanks for the Clinique recommendation I will def check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

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