Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara Review

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Now that it’s over (tears running down my face) I figured it’s time to get down to business and let you all know what I thing about Marc Jacob’s Velvet Noir Mascara.

Can I just say that I was literally jumping up and down when I was chosen to receive the Marc Jacob’s Beauty VoxBox!!! I am, by no means, an expert at applying mascara so it must be fairly easy or I won’t bother using it. I own a few high-end mascaras that are collecting dust so this was a welcomed and much-anticipated addition.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara
MJ Velvet Moir Mascara hexagon-shaped tube
Hourglas Brush
Hourglas Brush

Fun Fact: This mascara was inspired my Marc Jacob’s memory of watching his mother shave fibers from a black ribbon to create her own false lashes!!

Marc Jacob’s Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara is made without all the nasty parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. This very dark pigmented mascara is said to give major volume in three strokes or less.

When I first opened my VoxBox I was really intimidated! Here was this huge and super heavy mascara and I mean heavier than I have ever owned or held before. The outer packaging was the usual and classy black & white signature MJ box. The mascara itself has a largely unique hexagon shape, which actually makes it easy to maintain a good grip. I un-twisted the lid and……oh NO!!!!! My least favorite type of mascara brush bristles, but it does have a very nice hourglass shape! The formula itself appeared to be wet and super black. This was confirmed on application.

Here goes the application: After the first swipe…..OMG! Talk about pigmented, this is the darkest mascara I have come across to date and it gave me instant volume. Second swipe was looking better and I focused more on getting the ends thoroughly with my hourglass brush. I was looking pretty hot at this point and I should have stopped right there, but i figured there was no such thing as too hot right? Instead I went for that third stroke just to push the limits and here is where I ran into some clumping issues. I wasn’t in any way disappointed because I know with wet formulas you have to give it a little time to sort of settle or dry a bit in the container (that’s what i do at least). I have used it since and stick with two strokes and no clumping at all. I work a 12 hour shift and this stuff did not budge. No raccoon eyes when I got home! All in all I give this a huge thumbs up and fully recommend this to anyone looking for a dark and dramatic volumizing look.


  • Rich black pigment
  • Velvety light formula
  • Dramatic & Volumizing
  • Nice handle for a good grip
  • Hourglass brush
  • Lasted over 12 hours
  • Glides on smooth


  • Potential to clump with too many layers
  • Difficult to remove (this could also be a pro)
  • Did flake a bit after 12+ hours
  • No lengthening noticed


I love being an Influenster!! Not because I got Marc Jacob’s new Velvet Noir Mascara for free in exchange for an honest review, but because it’s a great community to be part of. I like connecting with people and being able to read reviews and ask questions about products before I buy them. I love getting invited to campaigns because it really is fun and doesn’t feel like work. I like collecting the the badges, being invited to twitter parties, writing reviews, answering questions from other consumers. You don’t have to be a blogger or Vlogger to join but you do need social media accounts. If you are interested in being an Influenster here is my referral link.

Any thoughts on MJ Velvet Noir Mascare? Give me some LIP!


  1. I got a sample of this mascara from Sephora and have been loving it! I totally agree with your review. The color is intense and it definitely has the potential to clump if you apply too many layers. Great post love!! Xx 😘😘

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