These Are A Few Of My Favorite Beauty Blogs In 2015

When I first stepped on the scene, I was petrified…. lol. Seriously though, I had a passion for beauty and writing and I wasn’t very sure about where I was headed or how far I would take it. Here I am 6 months later and I love what my blog has become and where it’s headed. I met some amazing people along the way that there are too many to name today, but there are a few bloggers who inspired me and helped me in ways they might not even know.  There is no way I could be as confident as I am today without the help of these lovely ladies and all of my loyal readers. They are in no particular order and I hope you visit these blogs, as I promise you will not be disappointed.

Cat Forsley from My Lip Addiction has been my #1 supporter and is such a friendly and upbeat person who even took the time to have mini school lessons with me 😉 . I have learned so much from this multi-talented women! She is the Twitter Queen! She makes me laugh and if I haven’t convinced you yet….she also has so many friends and connections. “You need to sick with this Cat!” Thank you Cat!

Janine from A Beautiful Whim has such an informative blog that I spent a lot of time looking at her work for inspiration. She also helped me with some major WordPress issues in the beginning as well as a personal skin issue that I have.  She used her personal time to help me out tremendously! Thank you Janine!

Else from Beauty By Else is one of those women who is completely comfortable with herself and writes so many inspiring posts. I love her confidence. She does natural and bold makeup looks that all look fabulous on her. She also a big supporter of my blog. Thank you Elyse!

Lizzie from Lizzie Loves Beauty has a very diverse blog. I found her because we have Ipsy and Birchbox in common and I look forward to reading her unboxing posts every month. She is a true sweetheart and her reviews, comments, and replies are genuine. Thanks Lizzie!

Victoria from Living Disrobed has a professional and very well written blog that I also get a lot of inspiration from. She is quick to reply or answer any questions you may have. She has so many giveaways that I can’t keep up! Thanks Victoria!

I wanted to make my last post of the year a positive one. I hope you all take the time to check out these amazing women and their blogs.

I would love to connect with more beauty bloggers! Please comment below and share a blog that inspires you!



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