Battle Of The Beauty Subs 12/2012

It’s that time again, the Battle of the Beauty Subs December edition. The year is coming to an end but this series will continue until April, 2016. If you have been following this series, you know that I had some technical issues with Birchbox. Not only was everything resolved, but my box was addressed to

“The Great Kristy Cullinan” Hahaha. I’m not sure if this was a pun at my complaints or everyone was addressed in this manner. If you received a December Birchbox please let me know how you were addressed because I am curious!! Birchbox has compensated me very generously for the trouble. They do have excellent customer service.

Every month Birchbox provides a curated box of beauty, grooming, and/or lifestyle samples for $10/month. You can either pick 2/5 samples per month or choose a guest editor box with all products chosen by the guest editor. They also have a point system that translates to cash for purchases online or at the Birchbox store. A beauty profile questionnaire is available to better suite your interests. I find that they do generally follow your profile answers. Birchbox tends to send higher end products so they rarely include full-size items. Birchbox can be purchased yearly or gifted. They have now added a build-your-own-box feature. You can subscribe to Birchbox here.

Every month Ipsy provides 5 full-size or deluxe sample products in a cute little travel size makeup bag for $10/month. Ipsy focuses mostly on makeup with the occasional hair/skin product. They also provide a beauty quiz to tailor your needs. I’m not sure how much weight my answers hold with Ipsy. There is a wait list but they provide opportunities to skip it. Ipsy will send some drugstore brands but they include full-size items more frequently. It can be purchased yearly, but due to the wait list it cannot be gifted. You can subscribe to Ipsy here.

I opted for the Birchbox featured box this month because it contained some brands I already love and some interesting items I wanted to try.

December Birchbox: Winter Essentials


Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Peach sample size|Full-Size $25

Coastal Scents Eye Shadow Duo in formalEYES sample size|Full-size $12

eSalon Perfect Ending Leave in Conditioner in deluxe size|Full-Size $25

derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub in a deluxe size|Full-size $32.50

Juara Coconut Illipe Hand and Nail Balm in a sample Size|Full-size $20

Bonus: 1 Chuao Chocolatier Cinnamon Cereal Smooch|Box of 8 $$9.95

December Ipsy: For You With Love From Ipsy |Full-Size


Klorane Floral Water Makeup Remover with Soothing Cornflower |Full-size $23

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder |Full-size $14

Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick |Full-size $9.99

Lather Honey Moisture Mask with Propolis Extract |Full-size $22

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Ey Shadow Primer |Full-size $20

Verdict: Birchbox had some brands I really love, but I wasn’t impressed with the sample sizes this month. I was most excited about the Jane Iredale Lip & Cheek Stain but the sample was so tiny! I was already a fan of the derma e scrub and the size was pretty decent. Ipsy was spot on with my profile this month! I already own and like tarte finishing powder. I must admit that Ipsy blew me away with a full-size Pacifica lipstick (review coming up), and the Lather Honey Mask! I also love the smell and feel of Klorane’s Makeup remover but I wish the sample was a little bigger. I have not tried Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later….that is a post for another day as well.

Ipsy is the winner this month!

Feel free to GIVE ME SOME LIP in the comments below. I would love to know if anyone has tried any of these products. Also, I just received GLOSSYBOX as a gift and debating about adding it to this series or just making an unboxing post. LMK what you all think.

**This post is not sponsored all items were paid for by yours truly.





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