Battle of the Beauty Subs 11/2015

I apologize for the lack of posts lately and I hate to make excuses so in the interest of being honest….I really haven’t been feeling it lately.

Things aren’t going so well and I’ve been feeling lost, pushed aside, and out of the loop. My world seems to get flipped upside down a lot. Okay enough!! Wah Wah Wah. I always get back up so here I am and……

It’s that time again, the Battle of the Beauty Subs October edition. Once again Birchbox failed to send me the sample choice email and by the time it was corrected every single option was out of stock. My Box was again a complete surprise.Every month Birchbox provides a curated box of beauty, grooming, and/or lifestyle samples for $10/month. You can either pick 2/5 samples per month or choose a guest editor box with all products chosen by the guest editor. They also have a point system that translates to cash for purchases online or at the Birchbox store. A beauty profile questionnaire is available to better suite your interests. I find that they do generally follow your profile answers. Birchbox tends to send higher end products so they rarely include full-size items. Birchbox can be purchased yearly or gifted. You can subscribe to Birchbox here.

Every month Ipsy provides 5 full-size or deluxe sample products in a cute little travel size makeup bag for $10/month. Ipsy focuses mostly on makeup with the occasional hair/skin product. They also provide a beauty quiz to tailor your needs. I’m not sure how much weight my answers hold with Ipsy. There is a wait list but they provide opportunities to skip it. Ipsy will send some drugstore brands but they include full-size items more frequently. It can be purchased yearly, but due to the wait list it cannot be gifted. You can subscribe to Ipsy here.

This month I opted for the Birchbox guest editor box. They teamed up with YouTube beauty expert Tati Westbrook from Glamlifeguru. I love Tati and I really wanted to try her curated box. Another huge surprise was Birchbox’s launch of their own brand in, also in collaboration with Tati, named LOC (Lots of Color). I have high expectations these products and look forward to bringing you guys a full review!

Birchbox November guest editor box: Birch x Glamlfeguru


LOC One & Done Shadow in Day Trip (one shade sold in a trio) | Full Trio Set $25.00

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo in deluxe size | Full-size $22.00

Shiseido Ultimate Eye Power Infusion Eye Concentrate in deluxe size | Full-size $65.00

Jouer Lip Enhancer in deluxe size | Full-size $16.00

Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum in deluxe size | Full-size $36.00

LOC x Tati Day Trip Swatch

IPSY November Theme: Beauty Blast 


INSPR Beauty Angled Liner Brush full-size $10.00

Models Highlighting Trio in full-size $22.00

Figs & Rouge Mattifying Emulsion & Pore Refiner in deluxe size | Full-size $37.20

TreStiQue Mini Lip Crayon in Florence Fig in sample size | Full-size $28.00

Smash box Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black deluxe size | Full-size $20.00

Modelco Highlighting Trio Swatch

Ahhhhhhhh…..where to begin?? I was really shocked at the amount of product and the full-size prices in both subscriptions this month. This is, by far, is the hardest decision yet.

I am excited about everything in Birchbox with the exception of the dry shampoo because I already have 4 that I rarely use. I have faith in Tati that the new LOC line will be amazing. I love facial serums and  Shiseido?!! A clear lip enhancer has been on my wish list forever and I don’t currently own a mattifying emulsion.

I have to say that I am super happy that IPSY stepped it up as I was hoping they would!!! This month was over-the-top!! I very rarely receive high-end products from IPSY so it was a shocker to receive THREE; Smashbox, TreStiQue, and Figs & Rouge!! This is my very first highlighting palette,even if it’s on the small side.

If I declared a tie, I would be be loosing site of the original goal of this series (to pick a winner each month). I am choosing IPSY this month and it’s solely based on the amount of products I will actually use. Honestly it would’ve been Birchbox if they hadn’t sent another dry shampoo.

Thank you all for your consistent support and your patients in my posts. Feel free to give me some lip because I could really use some feedback.



  1. Hang in there love!!! Life is definitely not easy at times and can throw you for a loop! Just keep putting your best foot forward and if possible keep doing what your doing on your blog because you are really great at this! Xx 😘😘😘😘💗

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