Lush Live Impressions

I just finished watching the Lush Live event and it really opened my eyes regarding natural ingredients in our beauty products. I also realized that I need to make some changes in my skins routine. 

Lush introduced a few new products during the event with the first being a shower gel called Don’t Rain on My Parade infused with blueberry juice, vanilla pod, and violet leaf. Yum!!! Sounds delicious. 

Up next is an early Halloween release called Lord of MissRule and this one is a little different not only in scent but texture as well. This is a shower cream infused with patchouli and ground black pepper. What makes this particular product a cream is wheat germ oil. For those of you who love the spicy fall scents and a moisturizer in your shower gel, I think this one is for you. This is being sold in a limited amount at the moment but will be released again for Halloween. 

I also got to watch how Lush’s Don’t Look at Me face mask was made. It really is amazing watching all these fresh ingredients getting compounded into a face mask. This mask has glycerine and tofu for moisture, organic lemon juice for cleansing, rice milk and rice syrup for softening the skin. Bentone is a seaweed derivative mixed into the mask to thicken it but it’s also packed with minerals. I’m not done yet….murumuru butter from Brazil for extra creamy softness, ground white rice is added for exfoliating, and neroli oil and grapefruit for scent. There you have it, all the fresh ingredients in the Don’t Look at Me face mask. I can’t say enough about Lush’s natural approach. I’m really excited about this mask and I am planning on purchasing so stay tuned for my review. 

The last product I wanted to mention is a sneak peak and not for sale just yet. It’s called Foot Soak and Fancy Feet. It’s a foot bath bomb made with sea salt, Epsom salt, and Irish moss. This just looked lovely after it dissolved and I can’t wait to try it. 

I don’t know about you guys but I am completely sold!!! You can watch the Lush Live video here

 I would love to hear from any Lushies out there.  Give me some lip. 


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