The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey Beauties,

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! I have been really busy lately so I apologize for the scarce posts. I have had events every weekend for the last month or so and now it’s back-to-school time. My favorite time of the year………SIKE! lol. I am super bummed that summer is coming to an end and I could use a little cheering up. I thought I would post this tag for The Versatile Blogger Award. I was lucky enough to be nominated a few weeks back by a truly versatile blogger that you all should check out: sophandglory (gotta love the name). Thank you sophandglory, I am honored that you follow my blog and thought of me for this tag.


***Thank the person who nominated you***

***List 7 random facts about yourself***

***Nominate 5 other blogs for this award***

7 Random Facts About Me

My husband is the who I consider my “best friend”.

I am immersed in the show Narco at the moment.

My family and I, including my husband, have a morbid sense of humor.

I have spider veins all over my nose and cheeks and am giving serious thought to laser removal.

I have a fear of large crowds and scope out the exits as soon as I enter a crowded place.

My most disgusting vice is a Slim Jim ( I am ashamed of myself).

I was a vegetarian for 5 years, got pregnant, and gave it up and used my baby as an excuse to eat philly cheesteaks (because that was way healthier for him).

My questions

1. Do you prefer high-end or drugstore? The short answer is I prefer both. The long answer is if I find a drugstore product that I love then I’m super excited that I saved money. I do have 3-4 products that are high-end splurges mainly because I haven’t found a good dupe yet.

2. What’s your biggest regret? (If you have one!) My biggest regret would be that I testified against an attacker (that stabbed me multiple times) and served very little actual jail time. It made me lose faith in the US Justice system.

3. What length is your hair? A little below my shoulder (this might be my second regret).

4. Are you more towards beauty or fashion? I love both but I lean more towards beauty. Honestly I depend more on my daughters for the latest in fashion.

5. Favourite quote? “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”
~Harvey Fierstein

6. Favorite tv show? I just finished the second season of Power and I was on the edge of my seat!

7. Why do you love the blogging community? I love how supportive the blogging community is. There really is no competition. This is something that will always amaze me. It’s like an unwritten code in the beauty blog world. I know that I can email anyone of my followers and ask for help without a second thought and I would do the same for them.

8. Favourite movie? Stand By Me it’s a childhood cult classic.

9. Do you prefer reading blog posts or watching YouTube videos? I prefer reading, it’s always been my preferred method for learning anything whether it’s news, reviews, or the latest in makeup. If a new movie comes out and it’s based on a book, I will read the book and skip the movie. I rarely watch YouTube videos unless another blogger recommends something.

10. What is your dream job? To have my own makeup line 100% without a doubt! It would be the only reason I would ever leave my real job

My Nominees

The Pretty Pomegranate


A Brash Attitude


Coffee With Zoe

Questions For You 

Where do you typically shop for makeup?

What face wash do you use?

What is the newest movie you’ve seen?

Liquid or powder foundation?

If you could choose a famous person to guest blog for you, who would it be?

Who inspires you to be a better person?

Books or movies?

What is your favorite beauty magazine (if you have one)?

Have you tried any monthly beauty subscriptions? If you have more than one, which is your favorite?

Do you have any other hobbies/passions besides blogging?

If you are reading this chances are you are already following me so don’t forget to enter my makeup brush giveaway here!!

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