Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip/Super Shock Shadow Review and Swatch

The day Colourpop restocked their Ultra Matte Line I only ordered three because I haven’t had much success with liquid mattes in general. As promised, here is my review & swatch of the Ultra Matte lips and Super Shock Shadows.

This review is not sponsored and is my own and 100% honest. Colourpop claims their Ultra Mattes are lightweight, glide on smooth, and are kiss-proof. The instructions are to prep your lips with an exfoliator, apply to bare lips with the doe foot applicator or a lip brush, and they suggest using the complimenting lip liner for precision.

I purchased Solow, Bumble, and Creeper for $6 each. I wanted to play it safe and get some nudes, however it’s always cool to add a true red to the collection. As soon as I swatched the first one I was shocked at the pigment it put out with one swipe. I don’t know why I am always amazed at the pigments from Colourpop, they may not be high-end but they always live up to my expectation of pigment.

The Ultra Mattes come in a tube style container with a a screw off doe foot applicator. I have read reviews that said there were problems with the lids and formulas balling up, however I have not experienced any issues with the packaging or product.

Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lips
Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lips

In the swatch below, you can probably see that these were completely dry and it took seconds. They are all swiped only once with the doe foot applicator. They did glide on smooth, dried fast, and were super pigmented. I did have some concerns that this would have a crackle effect after they fully dried because after twenty minutes they showed signs of cracking on my arm. About an hour later I tried to removed this swatch and it was nearly impossible, I had to pull out the baby oil and gauze. lol. They pretty much stained my arm and I never did get it completely off until I got a shower.

Top to Bottom: Bumble, Solow, and Creeper

I used tarte’s Maracuja Lip Exfoliant before applying, (which is lovely), and I let that sink in for a good hour before I applied anything. I used the doe foot applicator and very carefully applied it to my dry/bare lips. A little goes a loooooong way.

First up is Bumble, this pigment is a true dusty terra-cotta, as described, and was the easiest to apply. I think it was easily applied because it’s a mid-tone rose nude and the mistakes aren’t as noticeable. I absolutely loved the formula of Bumble it is very thin and the pigment is freakin amazing!!!!! I have an olive skin tone so this was just gorgeous and made me look more tanner than I actually am. I think it would appear a little vampy/darker on a lighter skin tone. These Ultra Mattes are so pigmented that you really should choose colors that you already know work well with your skin tone. I wish I would have followed Colourpop’s advice and used a lip liner, it would’ve made application so much easier.


Next up is Solow which is described as a neutral nude pink. As you can see it was a little hot pinkish on me and again made me look tan. This formula was just as thin as Bumble but I just didn’t like it as much. It was a little harder to apply evenly and it was a little less forgiving on the creases. Up close it wasn’t pretty but from afar it wasn’t too bad.


Unfortunately this is the last Ultra Matte I have for you today and it’s appropriately named Creeper. A true red with blue undertones. Creeper was extremely difficult to apply without a liner. Because the pigment is so rich, the lines need to be precise or it just looks sloppy. After one layer, Creeper appeared patchy and more coral than red. I was determined to make this look good so I applied a second layer and it was a much more true red and no longer patchy. After the second coat I felt much better about Creeper.

Creeper with 2 coats

Now I just want to talk about the wear time on these. I had creeper on for 9 hours and ate two meals and had absolutely no transfer whatsoever. My sister came over later that day and I saw the funny look on her face and I realized I still had Creeper on. I was kissing her babies with no transfer. I totally forgot that I had creeper on because once it dried it felt like I had nothing on and it didn’t even feel dry. Talk about no transfer….it wouldn’t even transfer to my makeup removing wipe! It was annoying and amazing at the same time. lol.

Okay, time for the Super Shock Shadows which cost $5 by the way. Colourpop says you get the highest pigment by using your fingers and they are correct. I have tried a synthetic brush and you do not even get close to the pigment you get with your finger. I have used all of these at least once and I am not a fan of the matte finish shadows. They have a very powdery look and just aren’t as pigmented as all the other finishes. The pigments on the metallics/ultra metallics are INSANE!! They all have glitter and NO FALLOUT which is the #1 reason I love these. I was never able to add sparkle to my lids because the fallout irritated my eyes and my skin.

Clockwise top left: Cop-A-Feel, Sequin, Bandit, and Girly

Sequin is a copper penny color with silver and gold glitter in a metallic finish. It’s super pigmented and looks amazing all over the lid. True to it’s name, it looks like a sparkling new penny. It is definitely and eye-catcher!

Bandit is describes as a rusty-brown in a matte finish but swatched more like a chocolate-brown. This is the only matte finish I own that has pretty good pigment. Love this for the creases.

Cop-A-Feel is a cool toned creamy beige in a matte finish. Not a fan of this one at all, it’s very powdery and not very pigmented on the eyelid. Takes too much effort with primers and layering to get any pigment out of this.

Girly is a creamy vanilla with pink and gold duo chrome finish. If you are thinking about Colourpop eye shadows then you must try a duo chrome, they are just stunningly gorgeous. Girly is amazing for the inner corner of the eye or highlighting the brow. Girly is one of the more versatile shadows.

Lef: Sequin, Bandit, Cop-A-Feel, and Girly
Lef: Sequin, Bandit, Cop-A-Feel, and Girly

I have three more Super Shock Shadows that I purchased after I started this post so I am just going to throw them in too. After the first purchase, realized I loved the metallics so here we go…

Nillionaire is a warm bronzy gold with multi-color glitter in a metallic finish. What?!!! Of all the Colourpop Shadows that I own, this is the most beautiful. This is an in-your-face, indescribable, multi-dimensional, gorgeous mess. Depending on the direction and lighting it could look gold, pink, blue, green and I don’t even know what else. If you are gonna do it….. THIS IS THE ONE!


Game Face is another copper penny pigment in an Ultra Metallic finish. Very similar to Sequin but way more intense. Is that even possible? Another appropriately named pigment, this really looks like liquid metal on your eyes and that is the best way to describe it. If you are looking for an extremely dramatic glittery eye then this will do it. Even If I wear it once, this product is just too cool to not have.

Game Face
Game Face

Tassel is a true white with multi-dimensional highly reflective glitter. You can literally use this anywhere to add some extra sparkle. Colourpop says you can literally use this anywhere as a highlighter. I have used this on the inner corner, the lid, and the brow. This is another very versatile pigment from Colourpop.

Top: Tassel, Game Face, and Nillionaire
Top: Tassel, Game Face, and Nillionaire

There you have it folks! That is all the Colourpop I have for you today. Overall, I would recommend the Ultra Matte lips in any of the pinky nude pigments. For 6 bucks I say GO FOR IT! At least try one pigment you are comfortable with. I don’t think you will be disappointed. As for the Super Shock Shadows I highly recommend the metallics/ultra metallic, and again for $5 it’s so worth it.

I have not yet been able to match Colourpop’s quality versus price. I paid $24 for Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and It looked and felt terrible. I even went back in and bought a lip primer that provided no improvement. Stila cost me $44 total and didn’t look nearly as pretty as the Ultra Matte Lips from Colourpop.

Update: Currently Colourpop is advertising $5 off your first order by signing up via email. Plus you can get free shipping on orders over $30. I am not sure if this applies to all countries Colourpop ships to, but if you are in the U.S. it’s a steal! You can get a lot of product for $25!!


  1. That lipstick looked amazing, and I can’t believe you ate two meals and kissed babies w/o any transfer! That’s impressive. Did your lips feel dry at all throughout the day while wearing it? Di you apply a lip balm or something over top of it at one point? How did you end up getting it off?? So many questions, but that’s one impressive lipstick!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha that’s ok. No, I really did feel like there was nothing at all on my lips. I generally do not have dry lips so I can’t say you wouldn’t have to use a balm at some point. I used a makeup wipe and baby oil. It leaves a stain on your lips that is pretty difficult to remove. Some of the formulas are great and some are patchy. I would read reviews on the specific pigments you are interested in.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve only tried one all over the lid. I have tried 2 blushes and 1 highlighter. They were both in the “in Bloom” set. I wrote a review of you want to check it out. I would recommend Husyerival for blush. Thanks.


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