Beauty Break; August Spoils

Very excited about the major sales I stumbled upon this month. First up is a Crown Brush haul from Zulily. These are two core collections that every makeup lover should have. The first is a 15 piece Crown Pro Brush Set in Red. This set includes all the basics plus some extras all wrapped up in a very cute black faux snake-skin bag. The second is the 5 piece Crown Brush All Eyes On you set. I was drawn to this because it has every essential eye tool. All brushes are double-ended so yes, that’s 10 different eye brushes.This also comes with an opaque bag that is perfect for traveling.


All Eyes on You (top)
All Eyes on You (top)


All Eye on You (bottom)
All Eye on You (bottom)

Next up and also from Zulily is Facebase Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation. This is a full-coverage foundation and while I haven’t put it on yet, I did swatch it and it is heavy duty. Facebase is a newer brand that claims to give a flawless finish with a gentle and lightweight feel. The shocking part is this foundation retails for $64 USD on their website and I only paid $21.99. I feel like this deserves a full review so I’m going to use it for a bit and get back to you on that. I am curious to see if this lives up to it’s extremely high price.

Facebase Mineral Liquid Foundation
Facebase Mineral Liquid Foundation

Another very inexpensive Nordstrom purchase was Lorac’s Skinny Black Palette. I so not own any Lorac eyeshadows, so I am looking forward to playing with this. Natural? Smokey? Looks like this palette has it covered. I really love that these are all in the neutral family, it bothers me when cosmetic companies throw in filler pigments that really don’t match the scheme. Purple is not neutral for me. lol. Unless it’s terrible, which I doubt, it was well worth the $15 USD I spent.

Lorac Skinny Black R=Eye   Palette.
Lorac Skinny Black R=Eye Palette.

This next item up made me super happy, it has been on my wish list forever, and it was FREE!!! I used my Birchbox points and a free shipping code (BBSHIP). Meet Roller Lash, the latest mascara from Benefit. They’re Real is a staple in my makeup collection and now my routine has changed. This newest mascara has all the characteristics of They’re Real but it claims to curl your eyelashes in addition. Benefit claims that if you use Roller Lash and finish off with They’re Real you will have the most dramatic eyelashes. I have been using this for a week and I am still amazed at the volume, length, and curl this mascara gives. I haven’t even put eyeliner on because my lashes were enough. I finally found the mascara I have been searching for my entire life!

Benefit Roller Lash
Benefit Roller Lash

Last, but certainly not least is Gerard Cosmetics. I have always admired their packaging in general and when I came across an Instagram sale for a 3-pack I just went for it. It was a total (these are so pretty) spontaneous purchase. The packaging is just so beautiful that I seriously think I took thirty pictures of it. The shades I chose were 1995, Buttercup, and Nude. Buttercup is a little creamier compared to the matte 1995 & Nude. I was wearing 1995 yesterday and it was mistaken for MAC by 2 different women. I will do a full review and swatch but I am still in the testing phase.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks
Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

I hope you enjoyed my haul and possibly added some items to your wish list.

I did purchase duplicates on some of these items so keep an eye out for a GIVEAWAY!!

As always, I would love to get some lip from all you beauties out there.

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Hi my name is Kristy and I am a married mother of two adult daughters and one teenage son, who continue to teach me about beauty and fashion trends all the time. I could blog full-time but I do love my career as a pediatric oncology nurse. I’m a former beauty school dropout which probably played a little part in my decision to blog about beauty. I’m passionate about beauty, fashion, writing, and music. Lipstick is my vice. I truly believe that brutally honest feedback is required for growth. I won’t let you down.

10 thoughts on “Beauty Break; August Spoils

  1. Wow I didn’t know that you are a digital artist!! You are just amazing…what can’t you do?? It’s so funny that you mentioned vintage pinks because I originally had that and thought it was too bright for people to look at. I have no idea what hex colors are🙈. I am so not a visual artist.


      1. OF course I noticed xo i love this kind of stuff – i am a digital artist – Not a very good one HAH ,,,,,, but yeah this colour you have up goes with your vibe – ❤ ❤ ❤ i think for you – the vintage pinks would be perfect too ————- if you want help with hex colours you can always reach me thru my contact page xoxoxoxxoxo MUAH XO


      2. Cat, I did not know you were a digital artist!! Is there anything you can’t do? lol. Funny you mentioned vintage pinks because I originally had a similar background color but thought it was too much for people trying to read. I have no idea what hex colours are. lol. Thanks for noticing!


      3. of course —– you can mail me on my contact and i can show you some hex colours if you wanna xxx if you go on my u can see some art xxx I love doing it xo it so relaxes me xxxx lemme know if i can help …. xo Cat

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