8 New Ultra Matte Shades 

Of course, a week after I place an order,  Colourpop adds 8 new vibrantly beautiful shades to their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick line. I can’t wait to see some swatches on these. 

I now own Creeper, Bumble, and Solow. I am currently in the process of writing my review on a pretty large and diverse collection of Colourpop products. Stay tuned!!! 

Photo cred to Colourpop Cosmetics

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Hi my name is Kristy and I am a married mother of two adult daughters and one teenage son, who continue to teach me about beauty and fashion trends all the time. I could blog full-time but I do love my career as a pediatric oncology nurse. I’m a former beauty school dropout which probably played a little part in my decision to blog about beauty. I’m passionate about beauty, fashion, writing, and music. Lipstick is my vice. I truly believe that brutally honest feedback is required for growth. I won’t let you down.

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