I Will Never Nix nyx Again!!

I’m ashamed to admit that I became a bit of a makeup/skin care snob over the years. When I was younger I consistently bought drug store makeup because that’s what I could afford. I probably spent more on Aquanet and Rave but hey it was the 80’s (where liters of hairspray were required weekly). I quickly grew up, gained a career, the cash to step it up, and never looked back. Of course the brands at the drug store were different then. My new motto was “you get what you pay for” and that worked for me whether it was getting a new roof or buying lipstick.
Now I’m back in the same position and trying to budget better, (probably never gonna happen), and I wanted try some products that are were more affordable, yet useable. Also I hate to spend money and later realize that I hate what I bought. This happened to me over and over with liquid eyeliner.
Both of my daughters are fans of nyx and tried to tell me, many times, to give nyx a try….. and in stepped ULTA with a free 4 piece nyx set with a purchase. I bought a Father’s Day gift and killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

Side Note- I do not abuse animals, it’s just a saying.


Ulta’s 4-piece nyx promotion


Here is what I received:

  1. Love in Paris- 9 color shadow palette
  2. Doll Eye- waterproof mascara
  3. Slide on, Glide on, Stay on, & Definitely a Turn on Waterproof Extreme Shine Eyeliner-waterproof  pencil eyeliner in jet black
  4. Butter Gloss in Maple Blonde- lip glos

I was just in shock when I realized how great the nyx brand is in both price and quality. After one week and many compliments, here is what I can tell you about my experience with nyx:

My Review 

  • The eye shadow pigments are good and very blendable. This palette has all neutral shades so it’s universal to all skin colors. The brush is nothing fancy and I didn’t use it. I did have to use a shadow primer to get better pigment. The cost is $9.99 and you get 9 shades!! No other brand can top that.
  • The mascara had my absolute favorite kind of brush that defines and separates lashes. Glides on smooth and had dark pigment. Gave my lashes length and width. Stayed on all day and was probably the easiest mascara I have ever taken off. Cost $8.99.
  • The eyeliner has a very long name for a very good reason. It does exactly what it says. It was very smudgeable and had very dark pigment both of which are a plus for me. It worked great on my waterline and stayed on 8+ hours. The downside for me is I can never get a crisp straight line on my upper lid with a pencil and this one didn’t change that. Cost $7.99.
  • I saved the best for last; the lip gloss blew me away. It feels as smooth as its name suggest. It really does just melt on your lips. It’s one of the least stickiest glosses I have tried. The pigment was amazing and I received soooo many compliments when I wear this. The only con was it lasts about 2-3 hours tops then you have to reapply. I don’t mind reapplying because I like to keep my lips moisturized. I’m SOLD and this has become my everyday go to gloss and it’s running out quick!! Cost $4.99


Me wearing nyx Butter Gloss in Maple Blond


Seriously,how can any brand afford to make a high quality products and sell them at these prices? Ladies, stop being makeup snobs and give nyx a shot. I guarantee you surprise and satisfaction!!


Delivered in a cute little lace bag


We would love to hear some more reviews on other nyx products, so please give us some lip.

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