For Him: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here we are again…Father’s Day! It’s one of those holidays that gives me the most anxiety. I want to give my father something in return for raising me and thank him particularly for dealing with me through my hair-sprayed, red lipsticked teenage years. But if your dad is anything like mine, you probably have no clue what to buy him. Since getting ideas from dad is like pulling teeth, hippylip has put together a list of some uniquely cool gifts that might put you a notch up on his “Favorite Kids” list.

Grooming and Gifts

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My number one pick this year is the Birchbox Man subscription. Birchbox has done their research on the latest trends for men. Your dad will receive this box monthly and it will be filled with 3-4 grooming samples and 1 accessory. It is $20/month, with 3 month, 6 month, and yearly options. Check it out at Lets be honest; who doesn’t like a surprise package every month?

Beard Man

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Everyone knows that beards are in right now. It’s like a national competition among men trying to grow the biggest, most well-groomed beard. So if your dad is a BEIRDO, then he would probably love this beard grooming kit. We found one with great reviews and a proper name: BEARD ENVY. Give him the gift of the manliest beard in town for $25 bucks at



Occasionally, my dad will ask for “some cologne,” an easy gift with lots of utility. Still, I always find myself thinking, “Jeez, dad, don’t be specific because that would be too easy.” Instead of spending a tiring day with spray swatches and coffee beans, we found one set that covers every mood and every man. English Laundry’s Coffret Set comes with 4 distinct scents that vary from chill to chug. We love everything about this set, not to mention the super classy packaging! You can snag this for $68 at


Is your dad an anti-hipster with a grumbly sense of humor? He would probably get a kick out of Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You. If you’re a hipster, payback is a bitch with this super cheap gift at Maybe he likes simple and funny nonfiction essay. Find David Sedaris’ witty new book Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls. We loved Sedaris’ hard-hitting and veracious collection of essays in Naked and Me Talk Pretty One Day and we doubt that his newest novel will be any less enjoyable. Get it here for $13.89


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While some would say gifting a pair of socks is boring and unpersonalized, we say they are right. Go the extra mile for dad this Father’s Day and buy him 12 pairs of socks. Here is another awesome subscription that will lessen your dad’s “I need socks” mantra for at least four months. Get 3 pairs each month for 4 months for $89. Sock it to him at

We hope this guide was helpful! Feel free to give us some lip below.






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